Tracy Cartwright - helping you to get stuff done

My mission is to help you get stuff done. I take care of all your admin and bookkeeping jobs, so that you can focus on delivering for your clients and growing your business.

My over-riding belief is ‘Work to live, don’t live to work!’ We all need a healthy work-life balance and I am here to help you achieve that balance. I do this by getting all the stuff done that you do not like to do, or do not have time to do. The stuff that gets left on your to-do list until the last possible moment and causes you a lot of stress.

The three key values that underpin all my work are:

My three values: Simplicity, Trust, Reliability

A little bit about me

Tracy Cartwright – not your typical Virtual Assistant

What do I mean by that? Well, unusually for a Virtual Assistant I have a background of working as an Engineer in the Chemical Industry, a Health, Safety & Environment Advisor, and running a Residential Management company. This means I have experience of working for clients, working in the corporate world and running a Limited Company.

From these various roles I have gained a wide range of skills, experience and expertise that I can use to support you in getting stuff done in your business.

Tracy Cartwright - skills and expertise

By using Danum Virtual Assistant you get access to all my experience and expertise, and gain a trusted partner who can get all your backroom stuff done. I am here to help you achieve in your business!

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