Ten benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

One of the big questions potential clients may have (particularly if they have never worked with a VA before) is ‘what are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, and why is that a great alternative to employing somebody directly?

So, from my own experiences and from a bit of research across the VA industry, let me try to answer that question with a list of 10 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

1. Time – by using a Virtual Assistant to do the routine tasks, you free your time up as business owners to develop your offering and work more productively.  You can concentrate on income generating tasks and business development, rather than non-income generating tasks.

2. Pay only for what you need – with a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the number of hours you need for the work to be done.

3. Remove overwhelm from your business – if you are overwhelmed with tasks and to-do lists that will result in you achieving less.  Delegating tasks to a Virtual Assistant will ease this feeling of overwhelm.

4. Add a skill-set to your team without the cost of training – you may not have all the expertise to do the tasks you need to get done, either regular tasks like bookkeeping or marketing or specific tasks like competitor research or website building.  By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can plug a skills gap in your business without the additional training costs.

5. Streamline your business processes – for the remote working relationship to be successful, both Client and Virtual Assistant need to focus on efficient processes, effective communication and strong reporting.  This will streamline your operations and help to grow your business.

6. No Employer costs – direct employees come with additional costs like holiday pay, sickness pay, NI, employers liability insurance.  Virtual Assistants are business owners too, so they cover these costs themselves.

7. No increased overheads – employees need office space, computer equipment, software, etc.  to complete their jobs.  Virtual Assistants work remotely in their own office and provide their own office space and equipment.

8. Avoid planning headaches – with a Virtual Assistant you don’t need to generate a plan to get tasks done.  Just pass the work, with instructions and due date, off to your VA and expect the task to be completed and returned to you completed and on time.

9. Gain a confidant – running your own business can be a lonely experience, you may not have anyone to bounce your ideas off or have anybody who understands your business that you can run through plans with.  When you work closely with a Virtual Assistant you develop a great relationship and having somebody alongside you who understands the in’s and out’s of your business can be a godsend.

10. Time (did I mention this before?!) – this is the big reason for hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are buying back time for yourself. Whether its time for you to spend investing in your business, or time for you to spend with your family & friends, or time to invest in you, by engaging with a VA you will gain precious hours back from your current working week.

With all those benefits of using a virtual assistant, you will wonder how you ever managed without one!  If any of this strikes a chord with you, and you are interested in discussing how using a Virtual Assistant will benefit you, then please get in touch so we can have a chat.

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