5 Steps To Successfully Onboarding your VA

You have taken the decision to hire a Virtual Assistant, but how do you go about successfully onboarding your VA?

Engaging with a Virtual Assistant can be one of the most rewarding investments you make for your business.  But just as you are investing money in paying for the service, you must also invest time into building a great working partnership with your VA.  Any time spent at the beginning of your relationship will be paid back many times over by the increased productivity and the trust and confidence you have in your VA to just get stuff done.

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What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

So you’ve made the decision that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant – but now you’re thinking ‘what can a Virtual Assistant do for me?’. 

In last weeks blog I talked about how you can make a profit from outsourcing.  If deciding that you want to outsource some work to a VA is a big decision, then deciding what you want them to do might be an even bigger one!

To help you decide what to outsource I have listed a range of tasks that can typically be handled by a VA.  Each VA will come with their own skillset, so when looking to engage with one it can be very useful if you have a list of tasks prepared that you can run through with them to see if they are the right fit for you.

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How can I make a profit by outsourcing?

Are you too busy to get through all those jobs you need to get done to run your business efficiently and effectively? Do you need some extra help, but keep putting off hiring somebody because of the impact it will make on your bottom line? Then read on to understand how you can actually make a profit by choosing to outsource certain tasks.

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How to work from home without losing your focus

Do you find you lose your focus when working from home? Working from home can be the most liberating way you have ever worked, leading to a great work rate and love of your job. Or it can be a complete drain on your productivity and leave you unable to focus. In reality you will find the working from home experience somewhere between those two extremes. My top tips below will help you to work from home without losing your focus.

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Ten benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

One of the big questions potential clients may have (particularly if they have never worked with a VA before) is ‘what are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, and why is that a great alternative to employing somebody directly?

So, from my own experiences and from a bit of research across the VA industry, let me try to answer that question with a list of 10 benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

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